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Meet our wonderful cast of characters

Emily Wyatt as Ensign Carver

Carver is a formidable Ensign in Starfleet. She qualified near-top of her class in many subjects at the Academy. A powerful athlete and very logical, her ambition is to reach the top. However, while her intelligence and physical ability cannot be faulted, her stickler for rules and regulations attitude sees her lack finesse on a human level.

Hayward B. Morse as Dr. Goode

Goode served as a young man on the Starfleet ship, USS Cameroon before being severely injured by a plasma fire during a ship wide emergency. After receiving accolades for bravery he served the Federation from an education perspective both at the Academy and various universities, latterly gaining a Doctorate in History.

Ayvianna Snow as Rose

Rose is a pure soul who is like light; brightening up and giving life to those all around her. She loves nature and is inquisitive, positive and very caring.

Whilst her mother desired her to study law and follow that career, her decision to become a geologist was supported by both her parents. She is passionate, intelligent and sparkles with life and is a credit to her family.

Sartaj Garewal as Lieutenant Chase

Chief Security Officer Chase is an exceptional member of Starfleet who has proved his abilities time and time again in battle and diplomatic situations. With his sharp intelligence and physical attributes he steadily gained accolades and promotions within Starfleet. However, he is not simply a “follow orders blindly” guy. His experience with humans and alien races has taught him that nothing is ever black and white and one must gain intelligence and facts before making judgement on a situation.

Ross Hayhow as Marc

Marc is in his early twenties and has just graduated from Starfleet Academy.  He is a bright, confident and caring. His adopted parents worked within Starfleet on Earth, yet the loss of his real parents made him determined to become a protector against Federation foes. Driven by a desire for justice rather than revenge, he dreamt of being in Starfleet and venturing into space.

Philip Delancy as Captain Janssen

Captain Janssen

Captain Janssen, of Dutch origin, is the commander of the Starfleet vessel U.S.S Mayflower. He has captained the ship for many years having proved himself a more-than-able leader in research missions and in battle. Originally a lawyer and a master linguist he is well versed in Starfleet regulations and is fluent in over six different Federation and non Federation languages. Janssen is a master of diplomacy, preferring to find a peaceful solution to even the most stressful of situations.