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By Gary O'Brien, Aug 22 2016 02:00PM

Our whole cast was gathered together for the first (and last) time yesterday as we successfully completed our last day of filming. Stay tuned for more updates soon as we prepare to enter post production!

By Gary O'Brien, Aug 15 2016 01:00PM

A busy weekend for us all here, as we were shooting more scenes in our shuttle set on Saturday, and then lots of exteriors scenes all day on Sunday. However, Paul and I still managed to get our cast and crew to say a quick hello to everyone.

By Gary O'Brien, Aug 7 2016 11:00PM

We had a great rehearsal session with three of our wonderful cast members this weekend. They all had a chance to say hello as we head towards our next shoot day in one weeks time.

By Gary O'Brien, Aug 1 2016 11:00PM

We had a great time filming our first scenes yesterday. Both Emily and Sartaj knocked it out of the park with their performances, and it was thrill to see them both looking fantastic in their costumes on our set. Check out the video for a sneak peek of the footage. We think it looks fantastic.


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